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After selling out one of LA’s most prestigious music venues, The Hotel Café (where John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, and Sara Bareilles perform intimate sets when in town) for his first single release show, Nico Franc is beginning to turn heads both online as well as in real life. His Instagram videos have gathered thousands of views as well as the attention of one of the biggest superstars in the world, Shawn Mendes, who comments positive encouragement and amazement. It is clear that the soul-storyteller is receiving this attention for a reason, and that being his music; the keystone of Franc’s energetically growing momentum. Although most people initially notice Nico's fluid tenor voice, his songs carry the nostalgia of first kisses, young love and inspired romance but also dive deeply into profound observations and critiques of the world around him. “It’s all about getting people in the place beyond simply comfortable when I’m on stage…” Franc remarks, “I’ve realized I set the standard of how the audience is allowed to act. And if I’m having a blast, singing and playing my ass off, and dancing around like a lunatic, all with a gigantic smile on my face, it acts as an invitation for the audience to do the same and be themselves. That’s what this music is all about. When I get on stage I want people to instantly think one thing, and that is that they’re home…”

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Upcoming shows


7 | 13 Universal Citywalk stage // Los Angeles, CA

7 | 31 Sofar Sounds // Boston, MA

8 | 01 Mission npt // Newport, RI

8 | 02 The Nitro Bar // Providence, RI

8 | 03 Savoy TAproom // Albany, NY

8 | 04 Rockwood Music Hall // NYC, NY

8 | 05 House Show // Philadelphia, PA

8 | 07 House Show // NYC, NY

8 | 08 la maison de coco // Portsmouth, RI



8 | 23 HOUSE SHOW // Los Angeles, CA

8 | 25 TBD Santa Barbara, CA

8 | 26 House ShOw // San Francisco, CA

8 | 27 Sofar sf // San francisco, CA


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