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Nico Franc is an LA based pop-soul artist who has brought his design background to the world of an independent singer-songwriter. From writing to performing to designing his merch, Nico utilizes the principle of necessity, which focuses on the simplest way to communicate a thought or a feeling. His music conversationally translates the moments in life where love is at stress, leading the listener to reminisce in their own experiences with love. “Music has always been therapy for me. It creates a little pocket for people to put down their problems for a moment, and when I experienced that for the first time, I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The idea of consciously creating a present moment in people’s lives fuels everything I do from songwriting to performing to designing my merch” Franc remarks. Since 2016, he has embarked on ever-growing DIY tours that started in his home region of New England and are now spreading to the south and midwest. Nico has sold out Hotel Cafe, one of the premier listening venues in LA where artists like John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, and many more use as testing grounds for new material between tours. Now, after releasing his first single, Midnight Blues, Nico Franc is focusing on releasing the next wave of songs in 2019.

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